Ways to Collaborate with MBDA UK

MBDA needs to anticipate the technologies of tomorrow and achieves this through innovation, a core value of the company. Engaging in an ‘open innovation’ approach is an essential part of this value. We welcome collaboration with our customers, funding bodies, shareholders, suppliers, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), research and technology organisations (RTO’s), universities, trade organisations, laboratories and institutes as our partners in innovation.

Through collaboration, MBDA is looking to build partnerships that deliver innovation and technical excellence. Identifying the latest technologies and emerging opportunities, with our collaborators we look to build enduring relationships that improve our products and increase our worldwide competitiveness. Ultimately, delivering against our customers’ needs now and in the future.

The following are different ways that you can collaborate with MBDA UK. Whilst not exhaustive, it gives you a guide to some of the options available:


  • With existing relationships, through direct contact into a project, or supply of goods and services into one of our category areas


  • MBDA External Technology Challenge – held periodically focused on specific technical challenges, these are announced through MBDA social media channels




  • Weapons Sector Research Framework (WSRF) – Established through Dstl, WSRF is a vehicle for complex, general and directed energy weapons research and technology (R&T) planning and delivery administered by QinetiQ




  • Through the DASA Regional Defence & Security Clusters where they are fully operational such as the South West RDSC


  • Through UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) Defence Technology Exploitation Programme (DTEP) offering partial grant funding, the MOD are aiming to launch this UK wide scheme mid-2022


  • Via collaborations with academic institutions and academic hubs that MBDA are involved with


  • Via collaboration with research and technology organisations that MBDA work with, such as the Catapult Network.


  • By directly CONTACTING us regarding any low TRL technologies where MBDA could fund a Proof of Concept short study