Innovation at MBDA

Innovation is at the heart of MBDA. More than a strategy, innovation is a core value for the group. For MBDA innovation means understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs. Innovation and creativity are part of everything we do within every part of our business. MBDA is building innovative partnerships with its partners. In an environment as technical and highly specialised, Open Innovation is key. We encourage and incentivise innovation from and in collaboration with our partners - shareholders, major suppliers, SMEs, RTO's and academia. We work with our governments to promote local and international emerging technology within our business

We actively look to engage with new technology and innovation from third parties. MBDA are members of ADS, Make UK Defence and SC21 (21st Century Supply Chain), Pacte-PME, CW-ITP (Complex Weapons - Innovation and Technology Partnership) and attempt to identify new suppliers through our Innovation Gateway, external challenges, our SME/Open Innovation stand at major trade shows and attendance at regional trade shows and exhibitions

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MBDA needs to anticipate the technologies of tomorrow. We achieve this through Innovation which is at the heart of MBDA and is a core value of the group. Open Innovation is essential part of this value and we welcome the collaboration of our customers, funding bodies, shareholders, suppliers, SMEs, RTO’s, Universities, trade organisations, laboratories and institutes as our partners in innovation.

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Case Studies

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Ceramic Matrix Composite External Challenge

MBDA recently held a Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) External Challenge. We asked the ...

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Ethics, Compliance, and corporate Responsibility

At MBDA, our position as European champion and global player in missiles systems requires us to comply with the laws, regulations and apply the highest ethical standards in all the countries where it operates.

Integrity is one if the five values of MBDA. Acting with integrity means operating in accordance with the company’s Code of Ethics. Our Code of Ethics asks us to obey the law and go beyond the law, in the pursuit of what we think is right balancing the interests of the Business, the People, and the Planet. This is why we act and decide using a double test: is it ethical and is it legal.

Our commitment is the reason why we define ourselves as a responsible company. Because we weight the impacts (positive or negative) that our Business has on the People and the Planet: we believe it all works together!